Culture Days Community Mural in Milton

We facilitated a community mural at the Milton Centre for the Arts, where residents of this community came and contributed by painting a 6 ft x 12 ft mural.

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It was an open invitation to all to come and paint on these panels and they came in hordes. Queueing up patiently for their turn to put their mark on a mural which symbolised the diversity of cultures that Milton is, the variety of art forms that the town supports, the vibrancy and the enthusiasm in every resident and their love and pride for this town. The mural took 2 days to complete and what a masterpiece it is. ( if I may say so myself). It was unveiled by Mayor Gord Krantz as a grand finale to the closing ceremony of the Culture Days 2013 event.

Click here to see how the community mural emerged, a paint dab at a time, at the hands of the talented residents of Milton and surrounding areas

The Blossoming Tree

This mural was created as a 2 leveled flow, where the mural started on one large wall of the living room and continued on a back wall of  the dining area. The play of positive/negative adds drama to this mural as the eye moves along with the lyrical movements of branches and the viewer is invited into the dining area through the play of reverse color schemes.

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This mural was created for a music room and party room in the basement of a fun loving family. Their parties are predominantly bollywood dance themed and they wanted a mural that reflected that vibrant colourful feel  on the wall of the corridor that led to the dance area.

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