Thank You 2013…

As we are getting ready to make 2014 awesome… I think its only fair that I thank 2013 for everything it did for me. What an incredible year it has been!!! I can only feel utmost gratitude whilst reflecting on all the highs that this year blessed me with like meeting extraordinary human beings some of whom I have the honor of calling friends. You know who you are and I thank you for your friendship and support.

It is said that ‘a home is not made of bricks and mortar, but built with love and a sense of belonging’. These words aptly describe my feeling of belonging since we made Milton our home.

Community Mural in MIlton

Culture Days Community Mural in Milton

And as if to mark this sense of belonging, I had the privilege to facilitate a community mural for Arts Milton during the Culture Days 2013 – a liberating experience seeing the young and young at heart so candidly revealing their creative side.

Aparna Rangnekar|Murals in Brampton

Proud Moment – with the Mayor of Brampton – Susan Fennell

It did not stop there…I was honored with a huge opportunity to create a mural depicting the arts & culture landscape in Canada which is on display at the Vivian Lane, Rose Theatre. It also gave me my first award in Canada – yes, plaque and all!

Art Classes in Milton

Art Classes in Milton

I have been teaching art techniques and painting for a long time now and besides one on one art lessons from home in Milton, I decided to take it a notch higher and have partnered with Learna preschool and Tutoring to start art classes in Milton in their facility.

Mylo our Golden Doodle puppy

Mylo our Golden Doodle puppy

Oh!!! and finally a new addition to the family – our golden boy, Mylo! Our Golden Doodle puppy. Such a delight to have him in our lives. Its like he completed our family.

All in all, 2013 was good to me, personally and professionally. So 2014… You have big shoes to fill… and you know what? I think you will live up to all expectations and go beyond…

Don’t you guys agree??

Would love to know your best moments of 2013. Feel free to share or leave a comment.

Murals in Brampton displayed in Vivian Lane, Rose Theatre.

As a part of the ongoing efforts of making Brampton Downtown the hub for the fine arts, under the sponsorship of The City of Brampton and guidance of Brampton Arts Council, Beaux Arts Brampton initiated an open call to all muralists in Canada to submit their vison to transform the wall of the Vivian Lane chess park.

I feel honored and proud to be one of the 7 artists to be chosen to magnify my vision as a permanent installation at Vivian Lane, Brampton

The murals were installed over the weekend and unveiled to public by Mayor Susan Fennell on the 12th of October 2013.

It was a fabulous event attended by the visionaries of the Brampton Arts Council, the art community and the art lovers in Brampton. The live band “Fun Fact” played out some great tunes and kept the crowds entertained.

Thank you Beaux Arts Brampton, Brampton Arts Council and The City of Brampton for such a great opportunity to us local artists…

I am sure the residents of Brampton are going to enjoy this downtown art spectacle for a long, long time to come.